We Are Now Selling VoIP Phone Systems!

You are probably wondering, what is a VoIP (Voice over IP) phone system. There are two different types available. Using an on premise system, where you have your phone lines coming into your building, you can hookup a phone to the internet from a remote location to connect to your system. The other type is a cloud based system that all phones connect through the internet to the system in the cloud. The system we sell is a cloud based system. There are pros and cons to both. We will be highlighting the pros/cons and features of our phone system in upcoming newsletters. To read more about VoIP phone systems see page 2 on the left column.


FreedomIQ VoIP Phone System

Here are a few features you get with our VOIP phone system:


Get to know Josh!

The name on my driver’s license is Joshua Steven Brown. Most people call me Josh. I have worked at Snap Computers since August of 2011.

I have a bachelors degree in Business Information Systems from Messiah College.

I am not a native of Lancaster County. I grew up in the great state of Maine. If you were wondering, I lost most of my Maine accent when I was in college, but once in a while it will sneak out. AYUH! My wife and I met at Messiah College and lived in Kansas before we moved to Pennsylvania.

The Brown family consists of my wife Rebekah, me and our four children. We have three sons, Josiah, Gideon and Noah. Our daughter, Naomi is the oldest at 10. My wife home schools them all.

I lived in China for a year after college and before I got married. I am always keeping in touch with what is happening in China. Because of this, we decided to try and learn Mandarin Chinese together recently and just started with a tutor. If you call Snap Computers, and I answer with a “Ni Hao” (hello), don’t be alarmed, I am just practicing my Chinese.

上帝保佑你 *


Pronounced “SHUNG DEE BOW YO KNEE” and means “God Bless You”

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