Have you signed in to Chrome?

GoogleApps_May07_CThere are many important computer programs that business owners and managers use on a daily basis. One of the most important is the Internet browser, and one of the most popular browsers is Google Chrome. Chrome has many useful features that make it stand out from other well-known competitors, one of them is the ability to sign in to Chrome. Have you been asked to complete this sign-in process and wondered what exactly it entails?

Below is an overview of the sign in to Chrome feature.

What exactly is it?
Google assumes that the majority of users who download Chrome have a Google account. What Sign in to Chrome does is link to your Google account. When you link your copy of Chrome to your Google account, all bookmarks, apps, tabs and browser preferences will sync with your account.

You can then link other copies of Chrome to your account and all of this information and your saved preferences will be automatically available. Basically it’s like having the exact same copy of Chrome with you, wherever you go. For example, you can have all of your bookmarks from your work computer available to you on your Android device, or at home.

Another benefit of signing into Chrome is that it makes it easier to use all of Google’s apps. For the most part, you will only have to sign in once and all of your Google’s apps are there, ready to be used.

This is a great feature if you have multiple devices and want to have access to the same information, bookmarks and preferences. The downside is that it can be a security issue, especially if you sign in to Chrome on a public computer. If you forget to logout, other users will have access to your browser and potentially, to your Google accounts.

How to sign in to Chrome

  1. Open Chrome and click on the three vertical lines in the top-right of the browser.
  2. Select Sign in to Chrome.
  3. Enter your Google account information (username and password).
  4. Confirm what you want to sync by ticking or unticking the relevant boxes.
  5. Click Ok.

For businesses we recommend that you sync only your bookmarks, apps and open tabs. For security reasons, it would be a good idea to not sync passwords or auto-fill.

If you would like to learn more about Chrome or any of Google’s other apps, please contact us to schedule a chat.

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