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Are you using the Outlook 2007 Navigation Pane as your communications launching pad � where you can get to your most important folders and views with just a click or two?

This demo shows you how to change the size of the pane to free up more space, customize the buttons and icons so you see what you want first, and arrange the folders for your convenience.

You'll also see how easily you can change the organization whenever you want.

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synergIT is to Present Live at VMWORLD 09 in San Francisco

Bob Walker, Director of Enterprise Services for synergIT along with Keith Martin, Senior Systems Engineer with synergIT, will present the unique approach taken in upgrading the Washington County Public Safety 911 Center. This presentation was selected from hundreds of submissions to be presented at VMWORLD 09 in San Francisco August 31 � September 2, 2009. Below is the sample abstract describing the presentation. For information regarding this presentation, the Washington County project, virtualization or how synergIT can assist you with your virtualization needs, please contact your synergIT Account Executive.

ABSTRACT: The goal was to build a state-of-the-art emergency response center around VMware virtualization technology. Three years ago, during a discussion with a VMware architect at VMworld that vision was adopted, and now serves as a model design in a 911 dispatch center handling 900+ calls per day. Washington County leveraged VMware as a foundational element in a risky in-place, complete overhaul of the 24x7x365 center. The use of VMware went from a proof of concept to production in record time. The mature virtualization technology has proven to be a key element to saving lives by providing the center means to achieve the requirement level of "survivability". VMware played a larger role than anyone could have imagined. The Industry driver: �We learned early in the process (2006) that we would be driving the public safety vendors to adopt entirely new concepts in VMware and virtualization in general�; Migration facilitator: �We jumped into the project with a bold purchase of HP gear and VMware for a proof of concept. VMware was able to reduce the risk and allowed the most challenging parts of the project feasible to be completed on time (while dispatching live 911 calls!)�. This was accomplished without a single interruption to the ability to dispatch Police/Fire/EMS. VMware provided the means to migrate the back office services to the alternate site (again, with live 911 calls being dispatched). To this center, VMware = "Survivability". There are lessons learned and stories that should be shared.

synergIT�s �Best Practice� Spotlight

Server Virtualization

Server hardware sprawl is on the rise even though most datacenters use less than 15% of their available server resources. Traditional �one physical to one logical� server deployments suffer because the available resources are seldom on the servers that need them. This wasteful growth leads to complexity, reduced availability and higher costs. synergIT offers server virtualization and shared storage solutions that solve these challenges and puts your organization in an ideal position for future growth.

Server VIRTUALIZATION Advantages

Server Consolidation � reduce current and future server hardware requirements and operating costs by over 50%, decrease datacenter energy costs by up to 80%, reduce server provisioning time by up to 70% and increase server utilization by over 25% or more.

High Availability - provide higher availability independent of hardware, operating system, and applications, eliminate downtime for common maintenance operations and perform maintenance at any time without disrupting users and services.

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Prepare for the Unexpected
� synergIT�s Disaster Recovery Planning is Key

Your business most likely relies on IT for a variety of tasks, including the storage of business documents, customer information, financial records, and accounting information. In addition, you probably rely on computers to conduct many daily business operations. Though no one wants to deal with the possibility of something unfortunate happening to their business, planning for the unexpected today could save your business tomorrow. Here are several key areas in which synergIT has assisted clients when developing an incident response plan:

Data protection: Your business may have thousands of records that are updated on a regular basis, so it's critical to develop a system for backing up all of your files. There are a variety of methods available. synergIT has several cost-effective solutions including Disk-based backup, which is becoming the method of choice for many small businesses, due to both its cost effectiveness and its ability to provide continuous data protection.

IT hardware disposal: While backing up and protecting your data is important, safe disposal of machines that contain your data is equally important. If a physical disaster makes it necessary for you to dispose of hardware, make sure to erase all data on those machines before disposal, so no one can retrieve any information off the hard drive.

Contingency planning for continued operations: In developing your incident response plan, you should also create a contingency plan for your business' continued operations. This continuity plan should include both short-term and long-term considerations. For example, immediately following any incident, it is important to deal with short-term issues such as employee safety or continuing business operations from an offsite location.

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