1st Quarter 2008
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From the President
The Converged Network
Getting Started with SharePoint
Microsoft Office 2007
Client Spotlight


Client Spotlight

We are proud to highlight Presbyterian SeniorCare (PSC), a client of synergIT for more than 10 years. We have assisted PSC with a variety of professional services ranging from Voice and Data Unification to SharePoint Intranet development, Help Desk Integration and Network Support.

For 80 years, PSC has been improving the lives of older adults. Pennsylvania�s first Accredited Aging Service Network annually serves more than 6,000 people through a variety of award-winning, internationally acclaimed programs dedicated to older adults.

Through its three main campuses � Longwood at Oakmont, Oakmont and Washington -- and more than 54 senior housing communities throughout southwestern Pennsylvania, PSC offers a variety of living and care options, including: assisted living, independent and supportive housing, nursing care, adult day services, and Alzheimer�s care.

As part of a PSC corporate initiative, synergIT conducted a Unification Assessment, which laid the foundation for upgrading and consolidating three separate IT voice and data networks into one main enterprise network. This initiative is to create the most reliable and easy to manage network-based system; a system that addresses current organizational needs and accommodates future growth and programs.

As a result of this project, PSC was able to reduce their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), standardize on a single desktop image and unify messaging services, remote application accessibility and help-desk policies and procedures for support -- regardless of location.

�Our relationship with synergIT extends beyond one of client-vendor,� said Joe Wenger, vice president of finance and system support at Presbyterian SeniorCare. �The Company�s depth of knowledge combines with responsiveness to make it a valuable partner in PSC�s mission to best serve older adults.�

To learn more about Presbyterian SeniorCare, please go to www.SrCare.org.







A Bit of Humor

Message from our President, Steve Wirth:

On behalf of our team, I would like to welcome you to our inaugural �Connecting with synergIT� quarterly newsletter. Our goal is to deliver useful and insightful information about information technology trends and best practices that may assist your organization in meeting its goals. We�ll also provide a �behind the scenes� look at some of our clients and partners that have been doing some interesting things with synergIT over these past years as well as a few lighter-side features that might put a smile on your face.

We have designed this newsletter with you, our valued client, in mind. We ask that as you read through our upcoming editions, please provide us feedback on what you would like to see in future newsletters. Please send us your comments to [email protected]

Once again, thank you for your continued support and we hope you enjoy �Connecting with synergIT�.

The Converged Network from synergIT and Cisco

The convergence of data, voice and video communications onto one network has long promised businesses greater efficiency and lower costs. Today, that promise is a reality, thanks to mature solutions from companies like Cisco Systems that transmit voice and video via Internet Protocol (IP).

You may already be familiar with IP telephony, the foundation for all IP communications solutions. This technology offers you the following benefits:

  • Fewer technicians needed to maintain a single network
  • The ability to add, move and change phones more economically and easily than with a private branch exchange (PBX)
  • Savings on interoffice telephone charges, especially between international locations
  • Rapid development and deployment of software-based applications

In addition to the classic benefits of lower communication costs and greater efficiency mentioned above, today's converged network � which carries data, voice and video � offers an unprecedented level of communications control, flexibility and responsiveness.


Getting Started with SharePoint

Did you know that Server 2008 and Business Server 2008 have SharePoint services? SharePoint is the foundation for a company Intranet or collaborative portal. SharePoint comes in two versions and the latest Share Point Services 3.0 product currently shipping with Windows Server 2008 is incredibly feature-rich and does not require any further licenses to be purchased! Do you remember when all files were saved in a filing cabinet instead of on your network? By getting started with SharePoint your files no longer just reside in some folder in your network, but files are as easy to find as using a search engine like Google.

Let us demonstrate our understanding of your business needs, not just your technology needs. By providing a central repository for documents and business intelligence and customizing it to your exact business, we have transitioned from just storing documents to a more intellectual way of managing business information.

The goal is to create the foundation for a company portal, design a robust and reliable Intranet to ease corporate management, improve collaboration and workflow for all employees, and enable highly-secure and managed access and information sharing. The components covered under our SharePoint start up package are:

  • Corporate Homepage
    o Announcements
    o Discussions
    o SharePoint Tips and Tricks
  • Company Collateral
    o Company brochures
    o Internal/External press releases
    o Company awards and recognition
  • Human Resources
    o Employee manual
    o Vacation request forms
    o Expense reports
    o Computer usage policies and procedures
    o Custom workflow
    o Custom application integration capabilities
  • Vacation and Executive Calendar
    o Daily, weekly, monthly and annual group calendar
    o Details of all approved time-off from work

Contact your synergIT Account Executive or Sam Kildare, Director of Sales and Marketing at 412-391-6896 or [email protected] to find out how you can get started with SharePoint!

synergIT Tips & Tricks - Microsoft Office 2007

Get an introduction to the new look in familiar programs of the 2007 Microsoft Office system. Then try out the changes with a hands-on test drive.

  • See how Microsoft Office has changed, and why.
  • Use the Ribbon to do what you're used to doing.
  • See what the new file formats mean to you.

Blue Vista Logo and File FolderWhen you open Microsoft Office Word 2007, Office Excel 2007, Office PowerPoint 2007, and Office Access 2007, or create a new message in Office Outlook 2007, you'll see a lot that's familiar, such as your Word document or Excel worksheet. But you'll also notice a new look at the top of the window.  The old look with menus and toolbars has been replaced by the Ribbon at the top of the window. The Ribbon contains tabs that you click to get to the commands you already know how to use.

With a little time and exposure, you'll find that the Ribbon works for you, not against you. In fact, the Ribbon was developed in response to what Office users � possibly you � have asked for: programs that are simpler to use, with commands that are easier to find.  How do you use the Ribbon? Take this course to find out � and to see how you can make better documents faster. If you need more information, please make sure you contact your synergIT Account Executive.    


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