Office 365 passwords are being compromised

Office 365 has become the “target of choice” lately for attacks. Microsoft sees over 10 million username/password pair attacks every day.

There is a quick and easy way to make your account much more secure, start using a complex password ...

Remote Desktop connections are being exploited

If you use Remote Desktop Connection that does not require a secure VPN connection first, contact us immediately to close this vulnerability to your network. We are notifying all our clients to stop the use of any Remote Desktop Connection that doesn’t first require a secure VPN. Our industry is seeing a dramatic increase in successful ...

The benefits of a cloud-based ERP

Businesses seeking to integrate their various systems may be intrigued by a cloud solution. An increasingly popular cloud solution ...

Big data helps hospitals in a big way

The healthcare industry struggles when it comes to trying to keep up with the latest technology on the market. Thankfully, the ...

Windows 7 and Server 2008 End Of Life

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Tips for safeguarding business data

You can’t afford to lose business data. It takes away the trust of your clients, leading to loss of revenue. Cybercriminals are here to stay, so it’s more important than ever to utilize tight security measures to keep your business data safe. Still, some hackers may have advanced cracking skills, or are really determined to break into ...

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Referral Program

For any lead that becomes a sale, but is not eligible for the first two promotions, you will get a $100 Amazon gift card. As our way of saying thank you for thinking of us!
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