This security camera was infected by malware 98 seconds after it was plugged in


Here's an object lesson on the poor state of the so-called Internet of Things: Robert Stephens plugged a Wi-Fi-connected security camera into his network and it was compromised in... 98 seconds.

Stephens, a tech industry veteran, wasn't so naive as to do this without protecting himself. It was walled off from the rest of the network and rate-limited so it couldn't participate in any DDoS attacks.

He monitored its traffic carefully, expecting to see — as others have — attempts to take over the device. But even the most jaded among us probably wouldn't have guessed it would take less than two minutes.

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Ransomware is on the rise!

What is ransom ware?

It's a malicious virus that locks all files on your network server - bring your network operation to a halt!

How can I recover if I'm attacked?

One of 2 ways.

1. Pay the ransom (usually in bit coins) to get the release code.

2. Have reliable, recent backup of your network server OS and Files so you can restore to the point before you were infected.

How can I keep my operations protected?

Not all antiviruses will prevent all ransomware. So you have to plan for the eneviatble. A BDR (backup disaster recovery) devices will virtualize and backup your server(s) and data so you can not only continue to run your network in the event of an attack but you can recover from the attack more efficiently.

A BDR will:

  • Virtualize and backup server operating system
  • Backup data
  • Bring up Virtual backup server within 20 minutes in the event of an attack!
  • Restore data
  • Restore original server
  • Provide backup locally and offsite as well.

Heritage Technology Solutions, Inc achieves Small and Midsize Business Specialization in USA

Effective January 03, 2017

Congratulations to Heritage Technology Solutions, Inc for meeting all criteria to become Small and Midsize Business Specialization in USA.

By achieving the Small and Midsize Business Specialization, Heritage Technology Solutions, Inc has proven they have the ability to provide sophisticated, value-added Cisco solutions through their in-depth sales capabilities, technology skills and service offerings.

In recognition of this achievement, your company will be recognized as having achieved this specialization.

As part of this elite group of Small and Midsize Business Specialization Partners, Heritage Technology Solutions, Inc will have greater opportunities for competitive differentiation, branding, qualifies for one of Cisco's prestigious Certifications.

Cisco Channel Specialization Team

Five tips to avoid a security breach

If you've read this blog before, you already know security is paramount to the success of any small business. We cover the ever increasing cases of security violation in big and small businesses, as well as national and international organizations where data, applications, networks, devices and networks have been illegally accessed by unauthorized people. But today we want to look at simple preventative measures to ensure these risks never befall your organization.

Limitation of lateral data transfers

Employees not being educated on data sharing and security is one of the biggest reasons for internal data breaches. It's a good idea to limit access to important data and information by restricting access privileges to only a small number of individuals. Also, you can decide to use network segmentation to cut unnecessary communication from your own network to others.

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Predicting cyber-threats in 2017

As 2017 rolls in, the threat of more formidable cyber attacks looms large. Hackers and the cyber police will spend a lot of time outsmarting each other, while consumers of technology, individuals and businesses alike, anticipate the best security plan that can guarantee they sleep soundly at night. When it comes to defending against cyber-attacks, forewarned is forearmed. Here are some of the threats we predict in the coming year.

Increased threats on cloud technology

Cloud service has numerous benefits to businesses. They make data storage, collaboration, and processing more efficient; they enable employees to work faster; and they help operations flow smoother. Cloud technology’s popularity is expected to rise well into the next few years, but as demand increases, so does the dangers presented by cyber attackers.

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Ransomware demands more victims for freedom

Popcorn Time is taking ransomware to a new level of devilish trickery by asking victims to give up two of their friends for a chance to rid their own computers of the virus. In cyber security this level of diabolical blackmail represents a new and scary trend for hackers. For more information on how Popcorn Time works and what you can do to keep it off your system, keep reading.

Ransomware is nothing new. Cybersecurity miscreants have been taking advantage of online users for years by requiring payment to "unlock" a victim's computer. What Popcorn Time does differently is give users the option to spread the virus to two other victims in the hopes that they will pay the ransom -- a tactic that promises to double their money at the expense of your sense of morality (and at the expense of your friendships as well).

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Three Steps to Help Prevent Workplace Crime

Protecting your business from crime – both internal and external – takes effort. But with criminals looking to take advantage of you on every front, it's an effort you need to make. But where do you start? To non-security professionals, knowing what to do can be difficult. To make your challenge a little easier, we've boiled down business security to three basic, more manageable steps.


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