Village of Countryside - Life in the Fast Lane - May 2015

The Village of Countryside in preparing their network infrastructure for technology upgrades made the first step by replacing their structured wiring to accommodate the higher data rates of future appliances.

The Village Hall and Police station data wire was all older Cat 5E. The decision was made to rewire the buildings with Cat 6. Cat 6 provides a higher signal-to-noise ratio, allowing higher reliability for current applications and higher data rates for future applications.

Heritage Technology Solutions, located in Crestwood ( was contracted to complete the wiring upgrade. Due to the nature of police business, it was not acceptable to have any downtime during the re-wiring process. The HTS technical team, along with Village representatives formulated a plan to make this possible. The plan was executed with virtually no downtime and the Village has the wiring infrastructure to move forward successfully with technology upgrades in the future.

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