Welcome D. Architectural Metal Solutions

DAMS Incorporated is a 28 year old company specializing in LEED certified custom metal fabrication.

Located in Alsip, Illinois they manufacturer premium architectural for:

  • Sunshade and Lightshelves
  • Grilles
  • Trellises
  • Rainscreen composite panel systems
  • And much more.

HTS is providing full managed services for their 27 employee network system that support their AutoCad, Hosted VoIP, AS 400, and Office 365 applications!

HTS will be working in partnership to maintain and grow their network to accommodate their on-going operations.

Securing your email account

In today's technology-driven world, everyone uses email as the central hub for their personal internet activities, whether it's communication, forum registration or newsletter signups. Email is one of the most useful tools the internet has made possible. But as emails become more prevalent, the importance of email security becomes more ...

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How to delete a virus from your Android device

Is something off in the world of your Android phone or tablet? Is it running slower than usual? Is it eating data faster than a chubby kid in a chocolate store? If any of these situations sound familiar, your phone or tablet may be infected with a virus. That's why we've compiled these six steps to show you how to remove a virus when you suspect an infection.

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Multi-factor authentication comes to Venmo

We all know that it's important to maintain high security vigilance across whole spectrum of your IT, from changing your email password regularly to locking your work computer when you are away from your desk. But there are few areas where it couldn't be easier to score an own goal and make life easy for fraudsters than in the realm of ...

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Control your phone with your eyes

We've all become accustomed to controlling our touchscreen smart phones with our fingers. It is something which just a few years ago seemed unthinkable, as we were grappling with now ancient looking Nokia models. Now the next revolution is on the way - Samsung has recently patented new technology that, if it comes to fruition, will see ...

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What to do when your PC abruptly slows down

You just got back from lunch and are settling down into your office chair. You open up your planner to check your schedule, and then wake your PC from sleep. Time to check emails. But wait, something's wrong. You're...waiting. Your computer is moving as slow as a brontosaurus and the problem appears to go deeper than internet speed. What happened?

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Glenwood/Lynwood Library - Hybrid NVR/Camera Solution

Glenwood Lynwood Library had a need to repair their outdated video surveillance recording devices. The old surveillance system was installed 7 years ago when the building was constructed. The best course of action would have been to replace the whole system with a new HD video surveillance system. Unfortunately, the libraries annual budget did not allow for a full replacement of the system. The library turned to Heritage Technology Solutions for a solution.

Instead of replacing the old recording devices that were not compatible with the HD cameras, Heritage suggested that the Library use a Hybrid recording device that is compatible with the libraries older cameras and the new HD cameras. The costs were similar.

The library chose to install the Hybrid device as well as replace some cameras with the HD cameras. With this solution the library now has the option of replacing the old cameras over time instead of all at once.

Library Director Kathy Parker stated "The images are so much clearer now".

Heritage specializes in the convergence of the four key pillars of technology - the integration of IT, security, communications and print solutions - giving our clients one complete source and a trusted business partner for all their needs.