The truth about healthcare security

While many small businesses mistakenly think they're immune to data breaches because of their size, and therefore put minimum protection in place, healthcare organizations can't ever risk taking this laissez-faire approach - and they'd be in trouble if they did. After all ...

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Introducing behavioral biometrics

Static biometrics emerged from the theory that a password or a PIN number can be stolen, while something unique to your body like the face, fingers, eyes and ears can't. But the fact is that static biometrics have their shortcomings - the system uses proprietary technology ...

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WhatsApp bug exposes users to hackers

Vulnerabilities in the web-based version of popular instant messaging app WhatsApp recently left up to 200 million users exposed to hackers and malware. The bug was picked up by an Israeli IT security firm, and WhatsApp put a fix in place before news of the potential threat ...

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Collaboration at the heart of Office 2016

Office 2016 has arrived, and it brings with it an array of new features and touched-up existing elements, all designed to make your business more productive. At the heart of those efforts is a renewed focus on collaboration, with features to enable your teams to communicate ...

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Get more out of your laptop battery

Even in today's world where electrical outlets are more numerous than ever before, there will still be times you need to push your laptop's battery to the edge. Ever wish you could buy yourself a few extra minutes by extending your battery life? Here are a few tips to help you get ...

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Steve Zachocki attended the Hard Hat Invitation Golf Outing on September 25, 2015

On Friday 2nd October, Ron Valdez,
attended the meeting

On Friday 2nd October, Ron Valdez, attended the meeting of Illinois association of school board officials (IASBO) at Northern Illinois University Campus in Naperville.

Specifically the PDC's (Professional Development Committees) whose purpose is to educate the members on subjects such as: Technology, Finance, building and maintenance, food service, etc.

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