It’s April and you know what? It’s Uncle Sam’s tax time!

femi1I know that you’re aware that it’s tax time. In fact, maybe you’re like most people: procrastinating ’til the wee hours. You know, it doesn’t have to be like that. Tax filing involves preparation, and that preparation can save you a lot of money. I’m starting to sound like your accountant, right? Well, I’m not an accountant. I’m a computer /IT consultant.

taxJust as preparation can save you money on your taxes and even help you avoid audits, the proper preparation in deploying, implementing, and managing your business Information Technology (IT) can also save you a lot of headache, frustration, aggregation, and business downtime - and a lot of money. Here are few tips you should consider before making any technology investment in your business.

  • Consult a certified IT consultant/expert - not your friend, son, or even your spouse.
  • Ask for references before partnering with a consultant.
  • Research suggested solutions to see if they will work for your business: don’t assume that because it worked for the company in the case study/white paper you read it will also work for your unique situation.
  • And finally, make sure solutions are practical and fit your business operation.

With these tips in mind, the use of technologies such as Windows Server 2008, SharePoint 2010, MS Office 2010, VOIP communication solutions, hosted software solutions, and Cloud computing should be smooth - allowing you to reap the benefits promised and grow your business while reducing cost. See our other articles at

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