Got SPAM Just CanIT
We are excited to introduce a new SPAM filtering service. SPAM is not new, it's been around for a long time taxing the resources of mail servers and stealing hours of otherwise productive time from your employees. If you still suffer from this resource-draining annoyance, give us a call. Our hosted solution takes all the pressure off your mail servers we will filter the stuff you don't want before your mail server even gets it. And for the occasional false-positive, we give your employees complete control over their own quarantine with an easy to navigate web portal. You'll be surprised at how little our hosted solution costs. We guarantee your SPAM will be dramatically reduced. As one user recently put it to us: "I don't know what we were using before, but this one works! The time I spend dealing with this stuff has virtually gone away!"

So if you just want to CanIT, call or email us today.

Security: It's the Small Things That Matter
by Blake Britton, Axxys Technologies, Inc.


When (If) we think about data security for our businesses we tend to believe if we have a firewall and antivirus in place we are protected . . . if this were only the case. There are so many other aspects of data security that we have to consider on a day-to-day basis. Here are a few of the most commonly overlooked areas of business data security.

Mobile Devices
Do you have a formal policy for cell phones? Is there a lock feature or PIN they must enter in order to access the phone? What is your action plan if they lose the phone or if it gets stolen? Can you remotely "wipe" the phone through your Exchange server? These are things that need to be considered if your employees are receiving company email or if they keep company and client contacts on their phone. There are many features in exchange 2007 and 2010 to assist with securing or protecting the mobile device. Also, if you have iPhones in your organization we would recommend using the password lock feature. The key is to have a formal procedure and to ensure your staff knows that management needs to be notified immediately if a device is lost or stolen.

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Managing Software Assets Pays Big Dividends
used with permission from the Microsoft Business Site


Awhile back, we brought you the story of Ted , a CIO at a midsized company who was struggling to get a handle on his software licenses and IT costs. If you haven't taken a systematic approach to managing your company's software assets, you might be facing many of the same issues that bedeviled Ted: multiple desktops to support, a variety of licensing agreements to manage, and IT support costs that gobble up too much of your budget.

If those problems sound familiar, you need to meet Ted's best friend: SAM. That's capital S - capital A - capital M, as in Software Asset Management. SAM is a vital set of business processes that can help you control costs and risks, optimize resources, and grow your business. With SAM, you save money by using what you have, and you eliminate excess spending by determining your true software needs. What's more, by adopting processes that help secure your IT infrastructure, SAM helps provides peace of mind about viruses and other threats from unauthorized software.

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15 Customer Service No-Nos
by Monte Enbysk
used with permission from the Microsoft Small Business Center


Sometimes it seems like rude customer service is the rule rather than the exception. But there's rude -- and then there's rude.

When it comes to getting customer service, what's your definition of rude? What unprofessional behavior irritates you the most when, as a consumer, you are interacting by phone with another company?

Sometimes, customer service that is perceived as rude is not intentional and often is the result of absent-mindedness or carelessness on behalf of an employee. Either way, bad customer service can translate into lower sales and lost business, says Nancy Friedman, president and founder of the Telephone Doctor, a St. Louis-based customer service training company.

Based on its own surveys, the Telephone Doctor has compiled the 15 biggest sins of customer service employees today.

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August 2010
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Security: It's the Small Things
Managing Software Pays
15 Customer Service No-Nos
Microsoft Office Ribbon
Business Continuity Tip
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Office Ribbon


The Ribbon was introduced in Office 2007 as part of the Office user interface. It is included in select Office 2007 applications (Access, Excel, PowerPoint, and Word), and is included in all Office 2010 desktop applications.

The Ribbon was designed to help make the Office applications easier to work with, and help users discover the rich features and capabilities of Office. The menus and toolbars had expanded over the Years making it difficult for users to find the commands they needed quickly and easily.

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Business Continuity Tip

Know your generator needs.

"If the power goes out, we'll get a generator." It sounds so simple, but it's never as simple as it seems.

Like most things, preparation is the key. Where will you place a generator? Do you need permission from your landlord or building management company to run cables through the building? What are the specifications of your electrical circuit volts, amps, phase?

One easy way to answer these questions is to request a site visit from an electrician to survey the location and provide an assessment of needs.


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finds respectability.

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