MXOtech Newsletter * Summer 2013 - Vol 4. Issue 6

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by Joanna Sobran
In This Issue:
Selecting a Quality Team
A Successful Work Culture
Finding Good IT Support
In Need of Recycling?
Are You HIPPA Compliant?
Recent Event Recap
Upcoming Events

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Beat the Heat with the Right Team

What if you could have the perfect team? Whether you are outsourcing or hiring in-house, it is important to select quality, dedicated people who are aligned with your vision. Over time, the right mix of employees, clients, vendors, and technology will help your organization grow exponentially. That's why we've dedicated this issue to helping you navigate the important nuances you must consider when adding to your team.

Selecting A Quality Team 

Building the right team begins with a well written job description. Your pool of applicants will only be as good as the description of the position for which they are applying. Think of it as fishing - in order to catch the kind of fish you want, you have to make sure you use the right hook. A  well-written job description will help guide an employee, while a poorly written description may contribute to a lack of understanding of key job responsibilities. Read more tips on writing a quality job description.

IT Gets Personal LOGO
Another important detail to consider when posting a job opening is to give potential candidates the opportunity to pre-qualify themselves. This can be done by providing candidates with an abundance of information about your company -- such as your culture, mission/vision, branding, team videos and more. Check out the MXO team video on our website.
Bringing aboard the right people will enhance your company culture, boost productivity, and ultimately lead to helping your organization achieve its goals.  Below are some questions to consider when interviewing potential candidates for your organization.

1. How would you describe yourself?

2. Describe the best job you've ever had.

3. How do you determine or evaluate success?

4. What are the attributes of a good leader?


Click here for a complete list of the 20 interview questions.

Tips for a Successful Work Culture  

Having the right mix of people will only take your company so far. In order to infuse your team with passion and create an engaging work environment, you must provide your employees with the resources they need to do their job and effectively communicate your expectations of them. In order set your team up for success, your employees should be able to answer yes to the key points below:
"I know what is expected of me at work."
"I am passionate about the mission/vision of my company."
"At work, I have the opportunity to do what I do best every day."
"In the last 7 days, I have received recognition or praise for doing good work."
Read the complete list here.
And check out our case study on how having the right technology can help build team collaboration.

Finding Good IT Support

Hiring the right IT company can be just as overwhelming as selecting the right employee. We want to help you stop sweating that decision. Sign up for a FREE NETWORK ASSESSMENT on our website for a chance to meet the MXO team and learn how to use technology to make your business more profitable and productive.

MXO Team Pic Aug 2013
The MXO team celebrating our 8th Anniversary at City Winery!
If you are interested in learning more about our 8-year celebration and discovering which MXO team member won this year's "Fred Factor" Excellence Award click here.

In Need of Hardware Recycling?

  COM2 Recycling Logo

Contact COM2 Recycling Solutions for all of your electronic recycling needs. Located in Carol Stream, IL, COM2 offers asset recovery, recycling events, CRT glass processing, and standard electronic recycling. COM2 accepts all types of electronic waste and operates using a no land fill policy. Please contact Andy Micetich at 630-653-2662 for any further assistance and to speak about your e-recycling needs.


Email Andy Micetich 

Employee Spotlight | Q&A with Rob, Help Desk Administrator

Here is an example of an MXOtech employee that makes customer service his #1 priority. Rob makes the difficult job of troubleshooting client computer problems look relatively easy, and in doing so, helps our clients perform better at their jobs.


Q. What would you describe as the most important aspect of your job and rob 1

A. I have the opportunity to teach people how to effectively use the things I know 

the most about -- new technology. This is personally fulfilling for me because I get to learn a great deal about other aspects of business while I help people utilize 

their technology.


Q. What is the most common customer challenge you enter in your daily help desk support position?

A. Convincing clients to be open minded and use new ways of working that are more efficient. People are resistant to change in IT. My role requires strong listening skills, research into business specific needs, and smart team work between individuals from multiple organizations.


Q. What is your greatest satisfaction from helping clients solve their computer problems?

A. I get direct feedback from working professionals who are using new technology to complete their jobs in more efficient ways. I hear the excitement in each user's voice when they realize how a new computer system is going to reduce the complexity and number of things they have to do. Because of MXOtech, I see firsthand how doctors, lawyers, architects and other highly skilled professionals are using technology in their work.

Client Spotlight | Welcome Aboard!

MXOtech is excited to announce the addition of two new managed services clients - Industrial Council of Nearwest Chicago (ICNC) and Shore Thompkins Actuarial Resources.



    Industrial Council of Nearwest Chicago (ICNC)

The ICNC advocates for the interest of business on Chicago's Nearwest Side. ICNC strengthens both start-up & emerging companies by providing business development assistance as well as information and links to public and private resources and services. Learn more here.


Shore Tompkins

Shore Tompkins Actuarial Resources is a leader in the design and administration of all major types of retirement and pension plans, including 401k403b, and Cash Balance plans. They provide high-touch professional services with the mission to delight their clients with the quality of service that they receive. Learn more here.


After just a short time with us, here is what our new clients had to say:     


"Your customer service is outstanding!" - Priscilla Torrence | ICNC 


"We just had a management meeting and everyone was raving about how great the support has been from your office. We are happy with the proactive support we have received so far. Keep up the good work!" -Kathleen J. Tompkins | Shore Tompkins Actuarial Resources, LLC 


We want to thank our new clients for choosing MXOtech as their managed IT services solution and look forward to supplying them with our unbeatable customer service and expertise.  

Shiny New Gadget Of The Month | The 30-Day Lantern
30-Day Lantern

It's summer time and that means more outdoor activities. This 30-Day Lantern is the perfect companion for your cookouts and camping trips. Not to mention, it's a handy gadget to keep in your vehicle or garage for those emergency situations when power is down.


This lantern provides up to 30 days of reliable light on one set of batteries. The lantern generates up to 300 lumens of bright, white light that can be seen from up to 75 1/2' away. Made from impact-resistant ABS with rubberized encasements, the lantern is shock- and water-resistant. The device has a green LED that flashes when the device is off for easy location in blackouts and a built-in hook allows the lantern to be hung upside down. With three light output levels and a flashing mode (provides 32 hours of light on high). Click here to get your lantern. 

HIPPA 4Med Seal MXO understands the complexities of healthcare IT and we are here to help ensure you are meeting your strict regulatory compliance and privacy issues. Whether you are a payer, physician practice with multiple locations, a hospital or clinic, we can help you implement the right systems for improving your performance, access, and security. We are happy to announce we now offer HIPAASecure compliance products and services through 4Med which addresses your ambulatory practice needs for HIPAA assessments, documentation and training. 

Recent Events Recap

Heart & Sole Walk/Run

Heart & Sole West Side Heart & Sole 
We would like to give a special thank you to Dr. André Hines of Circle Family Healthcare Network and Dawn Ferencak of Austin Weekly News for putting together the amazing second annual West Side Heart & Sole Family 5k Run/2 Mile Walk.Sponsored by Circle Family Healthcare Network, Austin Weekly News, State Representative LaShawn K. Ford, and Austin Coming together, the event celebrates a healthy mind, body and spirit. 

Innovation Awards Logo 2013 Chicago Innovation Awards
MXOtech was nominated to submit an application for the
2013 Chicago Innovation Awards
broadcast museum. Each year the Awards recognize Chicago area businesses, nonprofits, and government organizations that develop the year's most   innovative new products and services. Stay tuned to learn if the interactive portal we developed will earn us a spot as one of the top 75 nominees (to be announced in late September). As an applicant, we recently had the opportunity to attend Media, Capital and Talent Day which was held at the Museum of Broadcast Communications and featured panel discussions and talks by leading media, capital and talent experts.

Save the Date! Upcoming Events

Fulton Fest 2

Fulton Fest | September 13, 2013

MXOtech is happy to announce its Platinum Sponsorship for the 2013 Fulton Fest! Come and check out the products, designs, and services of amazing Chicago entrepreneurs and artisans. Bring your whole family! The Fest will also feature the best of the new gourmet food trucks, Chicago craft beers, and live music! For more information visit



WBDC Entrepreneurial Women's Conference | September 26, 2013

Join us for the 27th Annual Entrepreneurial Woman's Conference, Women's Business & Buyers Mart - the oldest conference and business opportunities fair for women in business in the country, and the premier event for women business owners in the Midwest. MXOtech is a featured presenter! Visit for more 


Business Growth Workshop | October 2, 2013
Want to grow your business? We can help. MXOtech, WBDC and Austin Weekly News is holding a business growth workshop. Join us to hear about how to promote and increase your business revenues, and use the most up to date enterprise technology for your budget. Hear from successful professional about keys to success. Read more here.

Warm Regards,    
Joanna Sobran and the MXOtech Team
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Chicago, IL 60607
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