Microsoft's Windows 10 has a release date: July 29


Microsoft has set a release date for Windows 10 to arrive in the summer.

The software maker announced Monday that it will begin offering its newest software to power PCs and tablets as a free upgrade on July 29.


Will the Apple Watch make you more productive? We spent a month finding out.


Since the release of the Apple Watch last month, there’s been a lot of debate about its potential to revolutionize the way we work. Today, it’s still unclear what Apple’s “most personal device yet” will mean for our personal productivity.


Microsoft to hike by 13 percent its user client-access license prices as of August 1


As of August 1, Microsoft will raise the prices of a number of its User client-access licenses (CALs) by 13 percent.

The affected CALs are for on-premises, not cloud, products. The prices of Device CALs also won’t change, according to the company.


5 IT investment blunders to avoid

164_Biz V_CBeing a business owner, you know more than anyone that making mistakes is natural and that you have to be willing to fail if you want to succeed. You also know you can accomplish more – and more quickly – if you can learn from the mistakes of others before making the same missteps on your own.