Happy New Year from NETiMAGE

All of us at NETiMAGE would like to wish you a happy and prosperous new year! We look forward to making 2017 a great year together!

2017 IT Checklist

During the beginning of the New Year we often seek out ways to improve our lives and learn from the year before. Why not take this same mentality and apply it to your business IT? This 2017 should be all about making the most of your technology. Here is a checklist of tips that NETiMAGE put together to get you started!


12 Ways to Save Energy in Data Centers and Server Rooms

Looking for new ways to lower your operational costs and conserve energy at the same time? We think the "12 Ways to Save Energy in Your Server Room" offers some great ideas for trimming IT costs this year. We especially like #1, #2, and #3!

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New year, new cyber-threats

Have you had to deal with security issues in the past year? Brace yourself, as there are more to come. For this reason, security experts have become indispensable members of society, who guard tech-dependent individuals and businesses against malicious attacks that pose threats to their privacy and livelihood. As you ring in the new year, make sure you’re well armed against the following predicted cyber-crimes.


How Today’s Hottest Tech will Impact Office Life in 2017

164_C_SecCompared to today, the office environment of the early 90s was a nearly foreign place. If your staff needed to collaborate with the London office, everyone hopped on a plane and met in person. If you needed to take a memo, you wrote a note down on a piece of paper. If you wanted to advertise, you shelled out thousands (if not millions) on TV, mail, magazine, or newspaper ads.

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