Meet Andy, the Newest Member of our Team

Andy Carlyon has recently joined the NETiMAGE team as a Network Engineer. Andy has a wealth of experience from working in the computer networking field for many years and enjoys helping clients in a consulting and technical support role. Andy will be handling your support calls and working on IT projects with you, and just like the rest of our team, he is ready and able to help whenever you need assistance. We are very excited to have Andy with us and welcome him to the NETiMAGE team!

By the Numbers: Ransomware Rising

164_C_SecBy the end of 2015, Trend Micro predicted that 2016 would be "the year of online extortion." Thanks to the growing number of new ransomware families-and the ensuing rise of ransomware victims-recorded in the first half of the year, the prediction is turning out to be quite an understatement.

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5 security measures made easy

Let’s face it, keeping yourself free from online threats can be a pain: using different passwords for every site, changing them every three months, using advanced encryption, the list goes on and on. You either end up paranoid of being online or give up altogether. We’ve organized 5 simple cybersecurity measures that we promise anyone can implement.


Why upgrade to the dual monitor system

Remember in movies, how the villain’s lair is home to an abundance of newfangled tech, gadgets and monitors that stretch as far as the eye could see? Some may attribute it to superb set design but the message behind this was that the road to success (or blowing up your enemies) calls for not one but two monitors. If total world domination doesn’t sound enticing to you, here are six more reasons why you should work with dual monitors: