Your business needs a UPS system

For some businesses, power loss could result in profit loss. Natural disasters such as storms and hurricanes, construction or utility accidents, and other unforeseeable technical failures can put your business’s operations to a grinding halt. Businesses that depend on a continuous power supply to function might endure a slight disruption, but some might not. With an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system, damages caused by power failure can be avoided altogether.


Microsoft to Upgrade Office 365

Rather than issuing updates three times a year -- February, June, and October -- Microsoft is slowing things down for Office 365 ProPlus. Now, users will receive updates every March and September, and here’s everything you need to know about the new ProPlus update schedule.


Tips to enhance your on-hold messages

Customers can get frustrated over your support hotline, usually involving confusing call options, troublesome connections, or unhelpful representatives. If your phone system has problematic on-hold messaging, you’re likely to cause further annoyance to an already irate person. Solving their problems isn’t something that you can leave to automated voice messages, but it’s essential in most cases. Here are some ways to improve your phone systems and relieve your customers of more frustration.


NSA endorses mobile virtualization

Mobile device management is a full-fledged subset of IT security. Employees store and view sensitive data on their smartphones, which exposes your organization to a significant amount of risk. Although there are plenty of great solutions for managing this, the National Security Agency (NSA) believes mobile virtualization is the next big thing.


Tips and Tricks

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