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Uninstall these sneaky Android adware apps now

Fifteen apps were recently removed from Google Play following a Sophos report that identified them to contain malicious adware code. These apps are designed to serve users with unwanted advertisements and collect marketing-type data about them. If you think you’re one of the 1.3 million users worldwide who downloaded at least one of these apps, here’s a quick guide to finding and uninstalling them.


Dark Web ID Protects You and Your Employees

NETiMAGE is pleased to be offering a monitoring tool which will alert you when we find an employee's compromised email address and password for sale on the more than 600,000 sites on the Dark Web. We'll also provide online end-user training so that your employees learn, and become more savvy in the process, about what to look out for in their emails. We'll also test your end-users with randomly timed simulated phishing attacks to see how much they've learned from their training and where the weak links exist to assist your front-line defense against phishing schemes.


The importance of QoS in VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has become many small- to medium-sized businesses’ top communication system of choice. While there are many vendors that offer different VoIP packages with their respective features, you should look into their Quality of Service (QoS) to know which one could meet your company’s needs. Here’s a quick overview of what QoS is and some important questions to ask potential providers.


3 Ways to browse the net safely at work

Amidst the current climate of malware, hacks, and phishing scams, companies must take precautions when accessing the internet. Without safeguards, browsers that you or your employees use are vulnerable to cyberattacks that may cripple productivity and profit. Here are steps that your company should take to browse the net safely.


Tips and Tricks

• Password Protect an Office Document

• How to Arrange Icons and Delete an App in Apple's New iOS 13