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Dark Web ID Protects You and Your Employees

NETiMAGE is pleased to be offering a monitoring tool which will alert you when we find an employee's compromised email address and password for sale on the more than 600,000 sites on the Dark Web. We'll also provide online end-user training so that your employees learn, and become more savvy in the process, about what to look out for in their emails. We'll also test your end-users with randomly timed simulated phishing attacks to see how much they've learned from their training and where the weak links exist to assist your front-line defense against phishing schemes.


Protect your business data in the cloud

Though touted for its increased security, the cloud isn’t 100% safe from data breaches. A small- and medium-sized business has to be proactive with data security, even in the cloud, or it risks costs tied to lost business, damaged reputation, and regulatory fines. Make sure you’re securing your business data in the cloud with the following steps.


This malware can easily slip through Windows 10 security

Sophos researchers are warning Windows 10 users about a new type of malware that can disable and bypass computers’ security software. Known as Snatch, this ransomware is comprised of a collection of tools, including a separate data stealer. Designed to target businesses, this ransomware forces your Windows PC to reboot in Safe Mode to prevent any security software from launching.


Tips and Tricks

• Search and Cortana split on Windows 10

• Windows 10 Virtual Desktops