Why your business needs a hardware firewall

Cybersecurity is one of the final bastions of hardware superiority. More and more IT solutions are being hosted in the cloud, and business owners are being told that software is all they need to get the job done, which is half true. When it comes to perimeter security you definitely need a hardware firewall, with a little something extra...


Network Security Reviews for Your Business

Malware ... Virus ... Ransomware ... We all hear about these dangers lurking about out on the Internet and hope we're safe. Perhaps you know of someone who was impacted by such a bug, or maybe you've had firsthand experience. How safe are you, and what more could you be doing to protect your data and your company?


Red Flags: How to Spot a Business Email Compromise Scam

Simplicity and high returns—these sum up why Business Email Compromise schemes are attractive to cybercriminals. True enough, this attack vector has been greatly exploited, as evidenced by the amount of money that victims lost to it in 2016. According to a report by the FBI released in May 2016, victims lost $3 billion to BEC scams. In 2017, we predict that BEC will remain a prominent threat and will be used in more targeted scams.

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Technical Tips and Tricks

In each newsletter, we will be highlighting a few technical tips & tricks that we hope you will find useful.

Here are this month’s tips & tricks:

Q: Oops. What do I do if I didn’t save my Word document?

A: Did you accidentally click "Don't Save" on a word document? Don't fret! Open word and click on File, then Info.